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MicroStim : Micro-current Stimulation Therapy

Optimal Eye Health Program includes micro-current eye therapy delivered by FDA approved medical device - MicroStim 100i LE. This delicate microcurrent stimulates eye regeneration, improves microcirculation and energizes dormant retinal cells. It is a home therapy device, that can be safely used to slow the progression of degenerative eye diseases and improve vision. 

The Healing Power of Microcurrent

How Microcurrent Stimulation Works

Microcurrent Stimulation helps stimulate energy production (ATP) in the retina, improve circulation and reduce waste build-up.

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Microcurrent therapy was designed for treatment of various eye conditions based on results from numerous clinical studies. Read more about research on microcurrent eye treatment.

 Publications about MicroStim Therapy

Learn what specialists and patient say about MicroStim eye treatment.


Micro-current is a home therapy.

Easy to use.

   Individuals treat themselves at home. It is easy to learn and apply, and none of the procedures are painful in any way.


Microcurrent stimulation can slow or stop the progression of eye disease. 


These devices deliver currents that are close to the level of currents generated naturally in the body. No side effects or adverse outcomes related to this treatment have been seen so far.

Thank you for taking interest in amazing and healing technology of micro-current. Please make sure to contact us with any questions.

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