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Microcurrent Eye Therapy Publications

"The administration of mild electrical current to acupuncture points around eye (microcurrent stimulation) has been proven to be effective in preventing and slowing the symptoms of degenerative eye diseases."

-Damon P. Miller II, MD from book "Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes

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A physician and pioneer in the integrative treatment of serious eye diseases such as Macular Degeneration, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Stargardt and other retinopathies reveals the best strategies used today to prevent and reverse these devastating diseases. Drawing on some of the hottest topics in modern medicine, the book discusses the surprising revelations from the research in Epigenetics and adult stem cells. Your genes are not your destiny. In his book Dr. Damon Miller II gives tools that combat degenerative eye disease, such as microcurrent therapy and supplement protocol. 

"Over 70% of the people I have treated have actually shown significant improvement in their vision. Some have regained enough vision to be able to read again, see their grandchildren's faces, and even reagin their driver's license. The use of the Microcurrent Stimulation for the treatment of retinal disease is a miracle." 

                   -Damon P. Miller II, M.D., N.D.


A group of patients explain their success with using MicroStim therapy to treat macular degeneration. 

In May of 2022, an article about microcurrent eye therapy appeared in Norwegian Magazine "Medium". Specialists from St. Olav EyeClinic, (Oslo, Norway) talk about their impressive achievements in improving eye health of patients who suffer from degenerative eye disease. 

"-- How many patients have noticed a significant improvement with this therapy? - I would say that about 70 percent. Says Frydenlund. - What improvement did they notice? - It all depends on what disease they come with. With glaucoma, you can expect lowered eye pressure and clearer vision. Some people see better, but the most important thing is that the disease can be stopped and vision does not deteriorate. In patients with AMD, retinal swelling is reduced or the drusen in the retina is removed - this helps patients see better."

" - My eyesight is much better and stronger than before! After she started receiving regular acupuncture treatments, MicroStim and started taking supplements, Kari Monsen experiences that her eyesight is much better and the pressure in her eyes is much closer to normal than it was. Kari suffers from glaucoma and the dry form of macular degeneration. Kari Monsen (77), Oslo."

"- I noticed a difference after a month when the left eye improved. Now for two years I have been keeping my eyes in check - I can read and well, I can still drive a car and I can walk in the woods without any problems, says Per".

Microcurrent Eye Therapy in Norwegian Health Magazine May 2022
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" - The MicroStim is an easy-to-use machine that can improve the quality of life for many people with eye disease. Along with acupuncture and dietary supplements, you will get a wonderful kit for the treatment of chronic eye diseases, says Frydenlund. 

These are devices that are already used by many ophthalmologists and ophthalmic patients in the USA, and now also in Norway"


"It is very important to me to let people know of this exciting treatment for macular degeneration called Microcurrent Stimulation. It can be a miracle cure for thousands of people who suffer from the disability of macular degeneration. It can change the life and sight of many people"

        -Edward C. Kondrot (MD) ophthalmologist and the author of the book "Microcurrent Stimulation: Miracle eye cure".

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