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Optimal Eye Health Program: Microcurrent 

Optimal Eye Health Program includes micro-current eye therapy device MicroStim 100i LE. This delicate micro-current stimulates eye regeneration, improves microcirculation and energises dormant retinal cells. It is a home therapy device, that can be safely used to slow the progression of degenerative eye diseases and improve vision. 


Healing micro-current.

    Microcurrent stimulation increases ATP (energy) synthesis in the retinal cells needed for membrane viability and waste management. 

    The treatment of patients with Macular Degeneration and Retinitis Pigmentosa entails the periodic administration of very precise amounts of tightly controlled electrical current through electrodes applied to the skin at specific areas around the eye.

The electrical current is used to stimulate the retina as well as the diseased macula in order to help protect sight. The procedure is safe, noninvasive and painless and no side effects or adverse reactions have been observed.

     There are several metabolic processes that are enhanced through the use of microcurrent stimulation. The first is to boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products. A cell with «stuck» waste products becomes a dead cell and interferes with cellular communication throughout the area where it is located. Cells need to take in nutrients and eliminate waste like all other living organisms. The energy supplied by Microcurrent Stimulation innervates cells to become vital and less sluggish.

     Research has also suggested that microcurrent stimulation may boost the
cells' ability to rid themselves of waste products. Another benefit is increased blood circulation to the eye area. By increasing blood flow to the area, cells and tissues are nourished and refreshed, and oxygenation is increased.

    The second way Microcurrent Stimulation works is by increasing blood supply to the area stimulated. By increasing blood flow to the area cells and tissues are nourished, refreshed and oxygenation is increased. In general, the electrical current gently wakes up the cells from sleep and stimulates the healing process.

Four elements of Optimal Eye Health Program

Therapy Microstim / Okustim / Valeda

Repair and Regeneration of the Retina and Optic Nerve

 Herbs and Supplementation

Eye Nourishment

 Eye Exercises and Acupressure

Stronger Eye Muscles and Improved Circulation

 Lifestyle Changes and Diet

Removed Obstacles to Healing Your Eyes

Microcurrent Stimulation helps:

• Re-stimulate and energize dormant retinal cells (cells are like batteries, when they run low on energy, they become sluggish and dormant).
• Boost the cells’ ability to rid themselves of waste products which interferes with the flow of energy, nutrients and communication.

• Increase blood supply to the area stimulated. By increasing bloodflow to the area, cells and tissues still living can get nourished and refreshed.

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Microcurrent Eye Therapy Publications

"The administration of mild electrical current to acupuncture points around eye (microcurrent stimulation) has been proven to be effective in preventing and slowing the symptoms of degenerative eye diseases."

-Damon P. Miller II, MD from book "Stem Cells Heal Your Eyes


   No side effects or adverse outcomes related to this treatment have been seen so far. No increase in the conversion to the wet form of ARMD has been seen to those who have been treated.

  In a consensus statement by the NIH reports that «One of the advantages is that the incidence of adverse affects is substantially lower than that of many drugs or other accepted medical procedures used for the same conditions.»


This unit is based on all research studies done to date. It has a unique Regulator and Processor that adjusts the microcurrent based on each individual’s retinal tissue acceptance (1,000 times per second).


The higher frequencies in the beginning of each 5-minute session helps relax the retinal tissue, then the lower frequencies stimulate the retina and ATP (energy) production within the retinal cells. The treatments also attracts adult stem cells to help stimulate possible cell regeneration.

MicroStim® 100ile


   This unit contains a microprocessor to tightly control output. The units adjuststhe current output over 1000 times a second, making sure that the current remains constant. Current going through tissue gives resistance so the current needs to remain constant to be effective. 

    In addition this unit uses carrier waves which creates a more complex waveform and one that is capable of penetrating the body to the level where support is needed.   These are very safe machines. They are battery powered and designed so that they can’t generate enough current to damage tissue. They are shielded. The amount of current a unit can deliver is considered physiologic, meaning that the currents generated are currents on a level that the body would produce naturally.

    This is the home unit version of the Microcurrent Stimulation (MCS 100 ile®). The frequency settings were used in the studies described below. 

   It is preset automatically to run through 4 frequencies in a preset 5-minute cycle before turning off. 
The four frequencies are:

292Hz for 30 seconds,
30Hz for 30 seconds,
9.1Hz for 2 minutes,
then finally 3Hz for 2 minutes.

- Voltage is up to 22 and amps range 700 microAmps. 

  There are other microcurrent stimulation units available, but they have to be specifically calibrated both in frequency and timing to ensure proper gentle wave currents.


Read about micro-current eye therapy research.

It's a proven and effective eye treatment. 

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