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Join Optimal Eye Health Program!


You can heal your eyes at home with the proper supplementation and regenerating microcurrent and terahertz therapy. 


The Optimal Eye Health Program includes:

1.MicoStim 100iLE device (with Instruction Book) 

2.Optimal Eye Health Program Instructions with Supplement Protocol (PDF)

3.Acupressure and Eye Exercise Protocol (PDF)



Eye Exam

We recommend visiting an Opthalmologists or Optometrists before starting therapy, and every 3 months afterwards. We will ask you to fill out a questionaire regarding your vision to keep track of your progress.


MicroStim 100iLE Information

MicroStim® is a medical device developed for promoting eye health in degenerative eye diseases. It can slown down the progression of eye diseases and improve vision.


The mechanism by which microcurrent improves eye health is described below:

-improves circulation to eye and nourishes retina and optioc nerve

-imporves metabolism and cell communication

-increases energy production (ATP)

-retinal scar reduction has been observed in clinical studies

-slows down or even stops the degeneration process

-may improve vision, as many as 80% of patients see better


MicroStim® may be used for the following eye conditions:

- Macular Degeneration (dry and wet)

- Stargardt Disease

- Retinitis Pigmentosa

- Glaucoma

- Diabetic Retinopathy

- Dim vision after Covid-19

- Visual fatigue with poor vision

- Optic Nerve Atrophy


MicroStim® therapy is painless and has no side effects. One therapy session lasts 5-15 minutes and can be repeated up to 3 times a day. The device comes with an instuction booklet. The therapy is very easy to perform. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


Why we offer this particular unit?

   This unit contains a microprocess to tightly control output. The units adjusts the current output over 1000 times a second, making sure that the current remains constant. Current going through tissue gives resistance so the current needs to remain constant to be effective. Less expensive units do not provide this necessary function and are not appropriate for eye health.


   In addition this unit uses carrier waves which creates a more complex waveform and one that is capable of penetrating the body to the level where eye support is needed.


   These are very safe machines. They are battery powered and designed so that they can’t generate enough current to damage tissue. They are shielded. The amount of current a unit can deliver is considered physiologic, meaning that the currents generated are currents on a level that the body would produce naturally.


   This is the home unit version of the Microcurrent Stimulation® (MCS 100 ile). The frequency settings were used in the studies described below. It is preset automatically to run through 4 frequencies in a preset 5-minute cycle before turning off.


The four frequencies are

292Hz for 30 seconds,
30Hz for 30 seconds,
9.1Hz for 2 minutes,
then finally 3Hz for 2 minutes.

- Voltage is up to 22 and amps range 700 microAmps.


There are other microcurrent stimulation units available, but they have to be specifically calibrated both in frequency and timing to ensure proper gentle wave currents for your eyes. Most of these units are actually units designed more for wound healing and bone repair, and can't be used for areas for areas above neck. 




2. Malignant cancer.

3. Pregnancy.


Caution: The safety of TENS during pregnancy has not been established. Keep the device out of reach of children.  Purchase on your own responsibility.



Optimal Eye Health Program

€2,599.00 Regular Price
€1,549.00Sale Price
  • Microstim devices are shipped from Norway. Duties and taxes may apply according to the shipping destination's customs regulations.

  • 1 year warranty. Returns only in new condition, in original box. 

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